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Health Care organizations continue to use the Baldrige model to enhance performance.  Baldrige is a key to providing patients with better health care outcomes, improvements in efficiency, and better employee engagement.

I have perceived an increase in the number of health care organizations who use the Baldrige Criteria on a national basis.  In fact, two of the five national Baldrige Award recipients in 2017 were health care organizations.  As a state-level examiner, I have had the opportunity to look at several Louisiana health care providers.  These organizations show excellent systems approaches, positive trends in health care results, and a focus on both patients and employees.

The 2018 Louisiana Quality Foundation Performance Excellence Conference is set for March 12 - 13 at the Marriott New Orleans Convention Center.  The focus will be on Health Care systems and performance improvement.  CLICK HERE to register for the conference.



Lafayette General Medical Center

According to Mr. Patrick Gandy, CEO of Lafayette General, "
Working with Louisiana Quality Foundation requires a tremendous amount of dedication toward fostering a culture of excellence through process improvement.  By taking a deeper look at our organization within the Baldrige criteria, we learned that good is no substitute for great.

 Our involvement with LQF and The Baldrige Program has helped further a journey to excellence that will allow us to become a role model health care organization.

 Lafayette General Medical Center puts the patient at the center of everything we do. Any business, in any industry, can use the structure provided by LQF to enhance their operations and put their customers at the forefront.  This forward thinking will truly elevate Louisiana’s business community."

Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center

According to Mr. W. F. "Bud" Barrow, President & CEO, The LQF is one of the State’s great resources. It represents a commitment and a pathway to excellence, whatever the industry and stakeholder group.

Utilizing the Baldrige framework, LQF is the ideal partner for organizations to improve operations, create an engaged and vibrant workforce and exceed customer expectations.  I truly believe that our State will move farther and faster on the road to national leadership as we collectively embrace and actively participate in the LQF mission.

For Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center, I have no doubt that our work with the LQF has made a lasting difference in enhancing our call to serve, especially to those most in need.