LPEA Awards
Program recognizes performance excellence leadership in both profit and non-profit Louisiana organizations in the areas of manufacturing, service, health care, education, and the public sector. Download the Award Application Booklet for more details.

The Louisiana Performance Excellence Award (LPEA).
Louisiana Performance Excellence recipients demonstrate their achievement of award criteria benchmarks that align with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria, an internationally recognized standard for performance excellence initiated in 1987.  Awards are presented to all organizations that meet or exceed minimum achievement standards as established by judges. There are three (3) levels of participation, which are designed to support continuous improvement of applicant performance management systems, approaches and results. The level of applicant recognition is based on the applicant's demonstration of the criteria application at the selected award level. Award levels include the Performance Challenge Award (based on the Baldrige Organizational Profile – O.P.), the Commitment to Performance Award (based on the O.P. and Baldrige Criteria Categories 1 – 6), and the Louisiana Performance Excellence Award (based on the full 50-page application, Categories 1 – 7). For the LPEA, applicants submit a written application that is reviewed by a panel of LPEA examiners and judges. LPEA applicants also receive an examiner site visit (an option for Commitment to Performance applicants) and are eligible to receive the Louisiana Performance Excellence Award.

Any legal organization domiciled in Louisiana is eligible to apply; organizations outside of Louisiana may apply by contacting LQF before submitting their application.

Louisiana's Performance Excellence Award criteria is the same as the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for business, education, and health care. First, review the information in the application booklet to decide at which level your organization should apply. Click on the link above for the criteria relevant to your organization.